selected exhibition history


2016    Solitary Inner Acts | Spoutnik Cinema, Geneva, Switzerland

2016    Through Her Garden (Bahçesinin içinden) | FOL Cinema, Istanbul, Turkey

2016   Note to Self | Crater Lab, Barcelona, Spain

2016   Note to Self | Experimental Response Cinema, Austin, TX

2016   Note to Self | Dallas Contemporary, Dallas, TX

2016   Note to Self | Cinema Project, Portland, OR

2016   Note to Self | Northwest Film Forum, Seattle, WA

2016   Note to Self | GAZE/Artist Television Access, San Francisco, CA

2016   Note to Self | Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles, CA


group/festival screenings

2017   Solitary Acts #5, Solitary Acts #6 | Flaherty NYC Anthology Film Archives, NY, NY

2016   Solitary Acts #5 | Academy Film Archive Presents: The Inscription of Experience – EYE Filmmuseum Amsterdam, Netherlands

2016 Solitary Acts #4 | Collectif Jeune Cinema WHATS THE FUCK? - Paris, France

2016 Her Silent Seaming, Solitary Acts (4,5,6) | FIDMarseille - Focus - Marseille, France

2016 Solitary Acts #5 | Edinburgh International Film Festival - Edinburgh, Scotland

2016 Solitary Acts (4,5,6) | FILMADRID - Vanguards Competition - Madrid, Spain

2016 Solitary Acts (4,5,6) | BAFICI - International Competition Buenos Aires, Argentina

2016   Solitary Acts #4, Solitary Acts #5 | European Media Arts Festival - Osnabrück, Germany

2016   Solitary Acts #4 | Ann Arbor Film Festival Ann Arbor, MI

2016   Solitary Acts (4,5,6) | IFFR Tiger Competition Awards for Short Films, Rotterdam, Netherlands

2016   Her Silent Seaming | MOMI A Matter of Visibility: International Avant-Garde Artist Cinema NY, NY

2015   Her Silent Seaming | Nothing is Not Pleasure Too, Homeworks 7 Beirut, Lebanon

2015   Her Silent Seaming | OFFoff Cinema, Young Vargants Ghent, Belgium


2016   Solitary Acts #5 | Jury Award - Milwaukee Underground Film Festival
2016   Solitary Acts (4,5,6) | 2nd Place- Unexposed, Durham, NC
2015   Her Silent Seaming | Jury Award - Florida Experimental Film Festival 2015
2015   Her Silent Seaming | Best Experimental - Chicago Underground Film Festival


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article “Notes on Note to Self” by Mia Ferm, Experimental Response Cinema, 2016. click to read

interview “Body, Language, Life. A Conversation with Nazlı Dinçel” by Toni D’angela, La Furia Umana 2016 click to read

article (Italian only) “Oedipal Struggles : Nazlı Dinçel” by Valentina Dell’aquila, La Furia Umana 2016 click to read

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article “The false Positive: On Belief and Cinema” by Bernard Roddy, Otherzine, 2015 click to read

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mention “Continuing Interference” by James Hansen, The Brooklyn Rail, 2016 click to read