Instructions on How to Make a Film, 16mm, b&w, 13min, 2018, sound

Between Relating and Use, 16mm, color, 9min, 2018, sound

Hands:Oxes 16mm to digital loop excerpt, color, 1min, 2017, sound

Shape of a Surface, 16mm, color, 9min, 2017, sound

7. FORGETTING, 16mm, color, 3min, 2016, sound

Void (4. INABILITY), 16mm, color, 5min, 2016, silent, 18fps

Untitled, Iphone 4 video, color, 12min, 2016, sound

Solitary Acts #6, 16mm, color, 11min, 2015, sound

Solitary Acts #5, 16mm, color, 5min, 2015, sound

Solitary Acts #4, 16mm, color, 8min, 2015, sound

Her Silent Seaming, 16mm, color, 11min, 2014, sound

Leafless, 16mm, color, 8min, 2011, sound

Interval, 16mm, b&w, 2011, sound

18 Feet, 16mm, color, 5min, 2010, sound

Free Association, 16mm, color, 2010, 5min, sound

Reframe, 16mm, color, 2009, 4min, silent

Updown, 16mm, b&w, 2009, 3min, silent